A Different Sort of Haunting

Oh man, today has been one of those days. I’m dreadfully behind on my deadlines for Expedia work, with no real end or let-up in sight. I wanted to get an early start on things today, but of course the dogs needed to be let outside at 2 am, and then I was unable to fall asleep again. At the dog park, trying in earnest to wear out the pups in order to have peace and quiet for my work day, I was unable to steer them away from a giant pond/puddle of mucky, nasty water. At home, I bathed these energetic dogs of their pond scum stink, only to have Elsie jump out at the worst possible moment, splashing oatmeal shampoo, hair, and water all over the place. Oy.



First, the food processor broke down in the middle of my sesame noodle sauce making, spilling clumps of Tahini paste all over the floor and down my legs. Then, as I was putting some of the ingredients back in the refrigerator, one of the drawers on the fridge door snapped in half, sending all the nearly-full bottles of soy sauce, salad dressings, and such down to the tile floor where they promptly broke into a million pieces and spilled EVERYWHERE. It feels as if the house I am so desperate to leave is falling down around me, trying to get in whatever last bits of bad mojo or annoyance it can possibly pester me with. Long story short, this is not the first part of said refrigerator to simply wither up and die of old age. Grrrrrrr.


It is raining outside this afternoon, making it impossible to finish the yard work I should have completed by Sunday evening. To top everything off, the address I’ve resided at for the last 8 months (continuously causing problems because the house is set back from the street, hidden behind another house) appears to be unrecognizable by the United States Postal Service. And now that all change of address forms need to be filled out online, I have no choice but to wait on hold for several hours in order to validate the old address before changing my listing to the new address. I’m telling you—this house wants to kill me!


The good news is that tomorrow evening, I will sign the lease on the new digs and get the keys. Even though it’ll be dark by then, I’m planning to move at the very least my bed and bedding so that I don’t have to sleep another night in this terrible place.

Ugh, I just want this day to end, so that I will be mere hours away from escaping whatever demon is haunting this house and me inside of it.

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