Calling Out To My Peeps

 First of all, I spoke too soon—there is most definitely a ghost in this house. More on that later.


Though I have been thinking obsessively about my possible new book idea the last few days, I knew that I needed a little more input on the plotline before going any further. After coffee and much overly-excited high-speak on my half, Kelly has officially given me her stamp of approval on the new book idea, thus providing the criteria for me to really start working on it. So, here I go…….


To start, I plan on completing a through and detailed outline of the plot and sub-plot, so that I at least have some scaffolding on which I can rely when I sit down to start typing the opening lines.

Plus, if I didn’t assign myself arduous writing tasks such as this, I would never get anything done. My mom would say here that I put too much pressure on myself but I know that this is how it must be.  After college, I kept waiting for someone to give me a writing assignment or prompt so that I would have a reason to write and when no one did, I stopped writing for years. It took me a Master’s degree and a long time for me to learn how to give myself those assignments.


But before I can even attempt to begin the most basic stages of this outline, I need one thing first: a name for my protagonist.


This name must accomplish several things:

1.) Illustrate that the protagonist’s parents are hardcore former hippies, and were probably high when thinking that the name would be awesome.


2.)  Be quirky and bold, yet somehow old-fashioned sounding (i.e. like names in similar books such as “Matilda” and “Coraline”).


3.) Don’t ask me why, but I think it needs to be polysyllabic.


So, anybody have ideas? I’m open to suggestions, and hope that the clouds will part, the sun will shine, the birds will sing, and my heart will flutter when I rest my eyes upon this name for the first time. That’s how these things happen, right? There’s supposed to be some magic when my character strolls into my mind completely formed, name and all, right? In fact, I almost didn’t want to ask for help with this one because I had a stupidly romantic notion that the perfect name would come to me in a dreamy moment of divine literary intervention, and the stars would align in a fantastical display of the glory of the experience. This is how writing is, right?

Um, no.

After scanning through a mind-numbing amount of baby name books and websites for three days straight without finding more than a few “possible favorites,” I was reminded that writing, though every-so-often sprinkled with the above-mentioned miraculous moments of literary magic, is most often a lot of tears and sweat. Basically, I need all the help I can get, however I can get it.


Got any good hippy name ideas? Shout them out—I’m all ears.


P.S. Though we can so far only hear it and the dogs seem to see it, there is absolutely a ghost in the new house. I will keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “Calling Out To My Peeps

  1. I’m embarrassed to say that I have a niece named Freedom Marie who begat a daughter named Phoenix. I’m also acquainted with a child named Skyla Blue, last name withheld.

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