What’s One More?


Sunday marked the final day of my fall poetry workshop for the Los Angeles Review, and I am pleased to report that much was learned by both students and teacher. Though of course I had a splendid time teaching the course and getting to know each of my students, I will admit that having the evenings and weekends to myself again sounds pretty fantastic. I have a newfound respect for teachers everywhere now that I know firsthand just how time-consuming and labor-intensive preparing for classes can be.

 So I’ve had roughly three days this week of coming home after work and having little to do before bedtime, and already I’m feeling bored. The house is clean, the pup has been sufficiently exercised, and I’ve begun working on several new craft projects. I’ve managed to crank out a few new poems and bits of chapters for my various writing projects, and I’m all caught up on old episodes of Jeopardy. So what’s next? Well, in true Tbone fashion, I’ve entered the nascent beginnings of yet another writing project.


This time, I am not at full liberty to disclose the exact nature of this project due to highly secretive copyright matters, but I will share a few key details. First, I am very excited to take a bit of a vacation from my literary writing adventures and focus on one of my other great passions: football. Though I don’t want to reveal quite how this book focuses on football, I will say that I’ve already had loads of fun researching football-related themes and concepts. Secondly, I’ll be collaborating on this endeavor with my older brother, Dylan, with whom I am so thrilled to be working. Dylan is a highly qualified and incredibly talented writer himself, and will be acting not only as a writer but also as a sort of football consigliere. Our father was a very gifted writer, as well as a lover of football, and I know with great confidence just how happy he would be to know that Dylan and I have joined efforts on this book.

So this brings the total count of Tbone’s busy-ness up to the following:

  1. Full-time copywriting job
  2. Nearly full-time literary magazine editing work
  3. Active social life
  4. Needy and energetic dog with a weight problem
  5. Online poetry workshop teaching (another round of class starts up again in January)
  6. One young adult novel (as part of a trilogy series)
  7. One post-apocalyptic novel
  8. Slowly but steadily moving poetry career
  9. Part-time freelance editing gigs for three different companies
  10. Dating (ugh—that’s another blog post)
  11. Obsession with woodburning, knitting, and other crafty hobbies
  12. Penchant for television dance competitions (and the occasional episode of General Hospital)


 13. One football themed book

 How will I get it all done and stay sane? I dunno. But somehow I always do. I just wouldn’t be me if I weren’t insanely buys all the time, my mind constantly working on the next great idea. And hey—I just gotta be me.


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