Now Entering the Ring for Round Two

After an incredibly successful and challenging poetry workshop last month, I’m thrilled to announce that The Los Angeles Review, where I serve as Poetry and Translations Editor, is opening registration for two all-new winter writing workshops.

We LAR editors have long felt we wanted to be a different kind of literary magazine; we didn’t want to simply pick work we liked and put out a couple of editions every year. We wanted to work with our authors, develop relationships with them, and promote their work to the best of our ability. We wanted to build and contribute to our writing community, to help writers develop their talents, and to be a model of literary citizenship. This year, we’re happy to bring community to the writer by offering workshops with our editors that writers from all corners of the world–not just the West Coast–can benefit from.

Writing, reading, and falling in love with the written word are all processes. None of these happen using the linear or intuitive side of the brain alone, and none of these happen suddenly rather than gradually. To accommodate this, these online workshops will combine writing exercises, discussion, and critique of creative writing, all the while encouraging the writer to reflect, question, and learn to take risks.

If you’re interested in learning more about writing poetry from me, or about writing book reviews from my good friend and co-editor, Joe Ponepinto, check out the info below, or visit

LAR Winter Poetry Workshop with Poetry Editor Tanya Chernov

This workshop is intended for people who want to jump-start their poetry practice and to keep the engine oiled. You’ll do plenty of writing and reading, and have lively discussions about both the craft and the process of poetry. The weekly homework assignments (workshopped the following week) are designed to provide fresh angles of approach that can surprise–even startle–both the writer and his/her readers. As writers, we all get stuck in ruts, and this workshop will offer ways of digging ourselves out, whether we use these strategies to simply get started at writing or to revise a particularly challenging poem.

The class is suitable for a wide spectrum of poets. The focus of the class is generative: to get everybody going and excited about doing new work, to take away strategies that can help with their current and future writing–and to have a great time while we’re at it.

About the workshop leader: Tanya’s poetry has been published all over the literary map, ranging from experimental forms to traditional, from literary narratives to imaginative farces. Tanya holds an MFA in poetry from Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, and serves as both the Poetry Editor and Translation Editor for the Los Angeles Review.

Dates: January 3 to January 28

Cost: $150, includes our texts for the class, The Los Angeles Review issues 7 and 8.

How to apply for this workshop: Email with a brief writing sample. Please include “Winter Workshop” in the subject line of your email.

Application Deadline: December 27

LAR Winter Book Review Workshop with  Editor Joe Ponepinto

Though often overlooked in literary journals, the book review can be an artistic endeavor of its own, employing language and themes that rival the best of prose, whether non-fiction or fiction. The modern book review not only examines the book in question, it connects the work to literary traditions and discerns its place in art and society—and book reviews are among the fastest avenues to publishing credits in the literary world.

This workshop is intended for writers who not only love a good read, but also enjoy analyzing a book for the author’s ability and intentions. It is designed for writers who understand the tremendous research and thought that goes into a successful book, and want to relate that process for readers, helping them decide whether to read it for themselves. This four-week online class will include writing exercises and critique sessions, and concentrates on the belle-lettres style of reviewing.

About the workshop leader: Joe Ponepinto is the Book Reviews Editor for The Los Angeles Review. His reviews and fiction have appeared in our journal, as well as in varoius other literary journals across the country. He is a former newspaper editor and holds an MFA in Creative Writing.

Dates: January 3 to January 28

Cost: $150, includes our texts for the class, The Los Angeles Review issues 7 and 8.

How to apply for this workshop: Email with a brief writing sample. Please include “Winter Workshop” in the subject line of your email.

Application Deadline: December 27, 2010.


2 thoughts on “Now Entering the Ring for Round Two

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  2. I just have to tell you that I miss your blog so much. Your writing is exquisite and I miss hearing about the experiences of T-bone. It must be difficult to manage so many tasks, but I’m gonna tell you that I really looked forward to reading what you have to say…..kind of like reading a GREAT story.

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