Some Shameless Praise for my Kick-Ass Literary Agent

Friends, I have often mentioned my dear friend and stellar agent, Gordon Warnock, on this blog and it’s time to do it again. Though I would be happy to sing his praises for many other qualities, what I want to draw attention to today is a bit more focused.

During the month of November, Gordon grew a “Novembeard” and is now using it to raise money for prostrate cancer research. I encourage you all to check out the Movember United States homepage and see the amazing work that folks like Gordon are continuing to do well into the new year. And if you are inspired to donate or get involved, then please do knock yourself out! There’s plenty of work to go around…


Cancer research is obviously a cause that is quite close to my heart, so I am beyond thrilled to see the people in my life taking action to support those fighting cancer. And ultimately, anytime there is an increase in the amount of dialogue we all have about cancer and the way it can—and in most cases has—affect our lives, I’m a happier girl. Here’s why: there are important things to be said, things that don’t often come up in polite conversation, things that make us squirm and feel uncomfortable. Cancer is real and cancer is scary, but it can be a whole lot less terrifying if we all feel like we can discuss those fears with the people we love.

So if growing crazy facial hair gets people to start thinking about cancer and mortality, then I’m certainly all for it. And besides, who doesn’t love a great winter beard?

I’d also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the Richard Chernov Children’s Fund, which was set up in my late father’s honor. The Richard Chernov Children’s Fund raises money to send children with cancer and other terminal illnesses to summer camp. My father knew that campe does kids a world of good, and that there are so many children who, in their fight to survive cancer, are often denied the beneficial experience of attending summer camps. Donations can be mailed to 123 West Glenview Court, Mequon, Wisconsin 53092.


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