Come Write With Me! You Know You Want To

I’m proud to announce another summer workshop series hosted and taught by the editors of the Los Angeles Review. On deck for July, I’m thrilled to be teaching a cross-genre memoir workshop for all those who have a story to tell. I’ve learned a few things about working in memoir over the years, and I can’t wait to share what I know with some eager writers looking to transform their journaling into literary memoir. Interested? Come write with me—it’s gonna be a blast!


The Los Angeles Review’s Summer Online Workshops, 2012

Our online workshops are a chance for you to work directly with the editors and the notable contributors of The Los Angeles Review, and to interact with likeminded writers from all over the world. Each four-week intensive workshop will give you the chance to write new work, gain feedback on existing work, and learn fresh angles of approach to writing that can surprise both the writer and the reader. Because the workshop’s lectures, writing assignments, and discussions take place in our online workshop environment, there is no set class time; writers from all over the country and the world can participate on their own schedules.

Each class is limited to eight participants. The cost for each course is $165, and includes two issues of The Los Angeles Review, which will be used as texts in the class.

June 2012 Class Offerings (Classes begin Monday, June 4 and end Friday, June 29)

  • Oh, the Places We’ll Go: Engaging with the World Around Us with Ann Beman, Nonfiction Editor

This four-week workshop will focus on journeying, whether to exotic locales or merely to the foodtruck on the corner. This small group of writers will meet online from June 4 to June 29 to discuss examples of travel-related nonfiction from two hot issues of The Los Angeles Review and to critique student work. Best of all, we’ll delve into new and unexpected territories, generating prose through immersive exercises based on short weekly lectures. Register Online via

July 2012 Class Offerings (Classes begin Monday, July 1 and end Friday, July 27)

There is a profound difference between journaling and writing memoir. In journaling, we are interested in writing only for ourselves but in memoir, we are also conscious of our readers. As we craft a memoir, we want to make art out of our lives, turning confession and even confusion into purposeful, compelling narratives. How do we begin to know our own stories, and tell them in a way that feels universal? How can we structure our inward journeys so that they resonate with others?

In this interactive workshop, we explore multiple aspects of writing literary memoir. The course incorporates online lectures, group discussions, assigned reading, and writing exercises to help you move forward in your writing, all the while learning to read and critique others’ work with a well-informed perspective. Register Online via

In this intensive class on flash fiction, we’ll explore the importance of stellar openings, the methods of creating narrative tension, a variety of styles and techniques for telling stories, and the critical importance of editing, sharpening, and strengthening our writing by examining our work on a word-by-word level.

Each week, a brief lecture will be posted to generate discussion on topics of the craft of fiction, with reading examples assigned from The Los Angeles Review. Weekly exercises will be posted to facilitate new writing, and interviews with the authors we study will provide deeper insight into pieces themselves and into techniques for our own use. Register Online via

Questions? Email us at

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