The Slow Burn



Throughout the long process of getting A Real Emotional Girl published, there have been many “This is it” moments, where the reality of my dream coming true began to sink in a little deeper. But always there was yet to be the moment where I held the finished product in my hands…until last week, when that day finally arrived and I held that finished book, whole and complete, in my hands for the very first time.

As the day approached, I figured that I’d dissolve into fits of tears and laughter, or collapse to the floor with joy, or in some other way experience with great dramatic flair the ultimate momentum of seeing my life’s goal accomplished. And though I did ravenously rip open that first box and greedily grab at its contents, and though I did cry some bittersweet tears while sitting on the floor and holding the book, that penultimate realization that my day of true happiness had arrived was a little slower in the making than I would have guess.

Over the next few days, I kept revisiting my book, picking it up in my hands, turning it over, putting it back down and walking away to go about my business. Sometimes I’d hold it in one hand with a different book in the other, weighing them to see which was heavier or thicker. Sometimes I’d put my book up on a shelf next to the likes of Hemingway, Didion, and Churchill, to see how it looked in such heady company. Gradually, it did start to feel a bit more real to me, but the whole process has been much more of a slow burn than the massive, abrupt explosion of emotional fireworks like I’d expected.

It wasn’t until I’d thoroughly marked up my reading copy and practiced from it—carefully making esoteric notes to myself about pitch and diction—that this collection of words and paper finally begin to feel like my own intellectual and creative offspring. And boy howdy, is it ever an incredible feeling. The long road has led me here, to this day, when I can hold my published book in my hands and release it out into the world, to do whatever good it can possibly do. If you’d like to experience a little piece of that goodness, order up your copy today—straight from my bookshelf to yours.


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