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The Los Angeles Review’s January Online Workshops, 2013


Looking to give a meaningful gift to a loved one, or perhaps yourself this year? How about a creative writing workshop? It’s *literally* the gift that keeps on giving.



Our online workshops are a chance for you to work directly with the editors and the notable contributors of The Los Angeles Review, and to interact with likeminded writers from all over the world. Each four-week intensive workshop will give you the chance to write new work, gain feedback on existing work, and learn fresh angles of approach to writing that can surprise both the writer and the reader. Because the workshop’s lectures, writing assignments, and discussions take place in our online workshop environment, there is no set class time; writers from all over the country and the world can participate on their own schedules.

This January, we ‘re pleased to offer the following two courses:

Oh, the Places We’ll Go: Engaging with the World Around Us with Nonfiction Editor Ann Beman

This four-week workshop will focus on places and journeys, whether to exotic locales or merely to the foodtruck in the paint store lot. This small group of writers will meet online from January 7 to February 1 to discuss examples of place-related nonfiction from two hot issues of The Los Angeles Review and to critique student work. Best of all, we’ll delve into new and unexpected territories, generating prose through immersive exercises based on short weekly lectures. Register via Submittable here.

Sweating the Small Stuff: Learning Verse with Poetry Editor Tanya Chernov

This poetry workshop is designed for writers who want to jump-start their poetry practice, those who want to keep the engine oiled, and those who approach writing and reading with sincerity. You’ll do plenty of writing and reading, and have lively discussions about both the craft and the process of poetry. The weekly homework assignments (workshopped the following week) are designed to provide fresh angles of approach that can surprise–even startle–both the writer and his/her readers. As writers, we all get stuck in ruts, and every writer must know how to go about digging oneself out of those ruts. If you’ve ever sweated over three words and a comma, you know what we mean. If you believe in inspiration but also believe in plain hard work, then this workshop is your jam. Register via Submittable here.

The Details:

Minimum enrollment: 3. Maximum enrollment: 8. Each class will begin on January 7, and will finish on February 1. Registration opens December 4, 2012, and closes January 4.

The cost for each class is $165. Your registration includes two issues of The Los Angeles Review, which will be used as texts for your class. In the week prior to your first class, you will receive your instructor’s syllabus, your online workshop login, and any additional readings provided by your instructor.

(Please note: In the event that you need to withdraw from the course, a 90% refund of your registration fee is available up to the date of the first class. In the event that minimum enrollment is not reached, you will be refunded 100% of your fee.)


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