When the Ink Bleeds Together

Out here in the Internet ether, things can get a little lonely. Leaning back in a creaking desk chair inside the dimly lit office of my cozy, quiet house and pecking away at the keys, everything seems to go unanswered in the dark. I’m like a spaceman cast adrift in windless space, neither coming nor going. From time to time, it’s hard to know who I’m writing for and what the point of blogging even is anymore. Is it for me, for you, for my platform, all for nothing? Who the hell knows anymore?

But then I hear about Lori Hettler and her blog series, bringing all the crazy kooks together from the dusty corners of our own private worlds, whispering our stories in her ear. Suddenly we’re a community of crazy kooks, delighting in each other’s wonderful brokenness. Speaking with one another and all who’ve come before us and those who’ll come after.

Thanks, Lori, for letting me take a turn.

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